Car Wash Services in Streamwood, Illinois

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Exterior Car Wash Packages

$12Supreme Wash

Includes Deluxe Car Wash and
Rain-X, Bug Remover, Tire Shine

$9Deluxe Wash

Includes Plus Wash and
High pressure wheel/tire cleaner, Triple foam polish

$4Plus Wash

Soft Cloth Wash, Spot Free Rinse, Sealer Wax, Jet Dry

Full Service Car Wash Packages
Includes External Car Wash

$1999Diamond Car Wash

Includes Platinus Wash and
Machine floor mat wash, Rain-X, Bug Remover

$1499Platinum Car Wash

Includes Gold Wash and
Tiple foam polish, undercarriage wash, whel cleaner, dash wipe down

$999Gold Car Wash

Wash and Towel Dry, Side Blaster, Windows Cleanded, Vacuum, Air Freshener

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